Welcome to my personal website

I am a young researcher at the Centre for Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. My main research areas: the external relations of the European Union and its (economic) sanctions imposed against third states.

What can be found here?

Research papers

My list of publication – in Hungarian and English – is available on my website. You can read and/or download them.

Course summaries

Curricula are uploaded to students attending one of my courses at Eötvös Loránd University. Available in PDF format.


Most of my blogposts (mainly on EU external relations) can be read at the website of our research group (available in Hungarian and English).


Blogposts from 2016

List of my blogposts available at the website of our research group: “International trade agreements captured by domestic politics? Lessons...

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The effectiveness of the economic sanctions – literature visualization on world map

One of the questions I have been dealing with since the second year of my Master’s Degree is whether the...

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